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Seminars & Workshops

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International Forensics & Business Institute is pleased to present our Two-day Training Workshop/ Seminar


Forensic Academic Credential & CV Fraud Detection


IFBI is pleased to present his highly beneficial forensic training workshop that provides the true forensic methods, techniques and applications on how to actually conduct examinations in this forensic document examination.  It is being provided by IFBI’s  practicing forensic experts who have actually worked on and presented reports to the courts of T&T, the Caribbean and internationally. Details of the training are as follows:

Course Title:               Forensic Academic Credential & CV Fraud Detection 

                                    Methods & Techniques

Duration & Date:       Two (2) Days. Scheduled for November 2018.    

Time:                            9.00 am to 3.30 pm.

Venue:                         Cascadia Conference Centre, St. Anns, Port of Spain.

Cost of Program:       TT$ 4,500.00 per participant. This cost includes all course materials, lunch & refreshments.


Course Outline:    This course provides all the forensic methods, techniques and tools to detect counterfeit and fake academic certificates, fraudulent credentials, fraudulent CV’s and institutions. The course also provides training to detect general and administrative counterfeit documents such as job letters, bank statements etc. The training teaches participants to also detect online fraud relating to qualifications. It also provides forensic and legal guidelines in steps to take when dealing with suspected academic fraudulent credentials. There will be practical sessions in counterfeit detection.

 Award: Forensic Certificates will be issued to all attendees

                   Workshop can be used for CPD and CPE qualifying hours            


Target Audience:      


The course is open to a wide range of individuals:

human resourse personnel, administrative personnel, managers, supervisors,accountants, auditors, investigators, accounting personnel, executives, law enforcement & security personnel, banking, risk assessment & insurance personnel, company employees, and legal personnel. It is excellent for all those who may have a role in the first line of defence in recognising bogus and fraudulent documents.


Course Instructor:    


The main Course Instructor for this IFBI program is court qualified Forensic Expert Mr. Glenn Parmassar with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Parmassar is widely regarded as T&T and the Caribbean’s leading forensic expert in the field of fraud & white collar crime detection, document examination, forensic accounting and counterfeit detection. He has been the Expert called by by the courts in T&T and the Caribbean to testify in forensic document and handwriting cases. Mr. Parmassar has received training from a number of international bodies including the United States Secret Service, De La Rue in the UK, RIT, and the Association of Fraud Examiners, USA. Mr. Parmassar has worked on over 3000 forensic fraud cases for the state and private organizations, for the Caribbean and International clients, and his reports have been used in a vast array of criminal, civil and industrial court cases. Other forensic specialists will also contribute to the workshop.


To Register:               


1. Complete and submit a Registration form

  • You can fill out and submit the online registration form below 

  • Or you can fill out and fax the attached or downloadable registration form

  • Or you can take a photo and WhatsApp the form to us

  • Or you can simply phone in the registration information to us.


    2. Make payment of fees.

  • Fees can be paid at any branch of Republic Bank Limited to the account of International Forensics & Business Institute, Account No. 740800051802

  • Or by payment cheque. IFBI can arrange to have cheque and registration picked up at your business place.

    3. Once payment has been received registration will be confirmed.    

      Deadline for Registration & Payment is 25th October 2018.   Register Today!



Download Workshop Brochure & Registration Form


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