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One-Year (part-time) Certified Program

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Become a Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist at the International Forensics & Business Institute! 

The US Department of Labor identifies forensic Accounting as one of the hottest fields for the next decade!

US News & World Report designated it as one of the "20 hot job tracks of the future!"

SmartMoney Magazine counted it as one of the ten hottest jobs of the future with a salary potential over US$ 100,000.00!

In today's world why not study in a field that makes you a professional, provides higher income, is for the future and can make you independent!

Classes for this Academic Year begin Saturday 8th October 2016!


Course Description
International Forensics & Business Institute is pleased to present now in its tenth (10th) academic year our long running, highly acclaimed, highly specialised, full forensic training program. In this program which represents a high level qualification, graduates are trained to become Certified Forensic Accounting Specialists and obtain the prestigious Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist(CFAS) qualification. The program covers:
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud Auditing
  • Financial Fraud Detection
  • Investigative Methods in Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting Casework Analysis
  • Report Writing

The program consists of 15 modules divided into 3 semesters & runs for one academic year on a part-time basis. It is based on internationally accepted forensic training syllabi. It is taught according to the international ASTM standards by court qualified forensic experts where our graduates are trained to become forensic accounting specialists. This is one of the best forensic accounting programs that you will find and it covers the elements of forensic accounting, fraud auditing, financial fraud detection & investigation. The American ASTM standards represents one of the highest international standards for forensic training and it means that such training reaches court-acceptablity standards. The program is also run jointly in association with the International Association of Forensic Examiners, USA. Our Main Course Instructor is Professor Glenn Parmassar who is recognised by the courts as the Caribbean's leading Forensic Expert specialising in the scientific detection of fraud and white collar crime. Professor Parmassar who has over twenty years of experience is also a Certified Fraud Examiner with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a long standing member of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science, has trained with the US Secret Service and has worked on over 3000 fraud and white collar crime related cases. Graduates of this highly sought after program will become trained and certified in forensic accounting and financial fraud detection. They will:

  • Become Certified in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection. At IFBI this will be provided by a Court Qualified Forensic Expert in keeping with the International ASTM standards for forensic training so that our students receive the highest levels of forensic training and your work can be used at the highest levels on graduation!
  • Obtain an Advanced Diploma in Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection jointly from IFBI and IAFE.
  • Become a Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist 
  • Be able to gain International professional memberships to be able to practise internationally. Successful IFBI graduates can become members of the International Association of Crime Analysts, USA.
  • Be allowed to use the prestigious forensic credential Certified Forensic Accounting Specialist (CFAS).
Venue & Course Fees

 Classes for the 2016/17 Academic Year begins on Saturday 8th October 2016. Registration is open fron now

Classes for the 2016/17 Academic Year will be held on Saturdays at Naparima Girls College, La-Pique Rd in San Fernando, Trinidad W.I. Time: 9.30m to 12.00 pm. Classes begin on Sat 8th October 2016. 

Program Fees :  TT$ 6,500.00 per semester       (TT$ 19,500.00 for complete program fees for 3 semesters)       
Registration Fee: TT$ 900.00                            Examination Fee of only US$ 350.00 is due in semester 3

Affordable Payment plans are available for those requiring them

Option 1: Students can pay the semester fee of $6,500.00 plus registration of $900.00 to begin and the other semester payments at the start of each new semester.

Option 2: Students can pay half of the semester fee of $3250.00 plus registration of $900.00 to begin, making two smaller payments of $3250.00 at the start and middle of each semester.

For the time being IFBI is able to offer the most affordable rates for this high level of forensic training. Similar programs conducted with fully qualified forensic experts in North America & the UK cost over $200,000.00 TT dollars !

Take advantage of this unique opportunity now as you never know when you will be able to obtain this high level of forensic training at this low cost !

Student Eligibility
Students should possess at least 4 CXC subjects or two years working experience or any suitable combination of academic or professional qualifications and working experience.
The course is open to all categories of individuals: accounting personnel, accountants, auditors, banking personnel, investigators, executives, managers, supervisors, business owners, company employees, risk assessment and insurance personnel, attorneys, law enforcement and security personnel, ACCA graduates and students, and now graduating secondary school students. The program is open to all governmental, statutory and private organisations and private individuals.
Anyone who wishes to become trained in this profession, or wishes to add this exciting new field to their career, job, or organization.
Who have attended this highly acclaimed program and here's what they have said:
Since inception this highly acclaimed IFBI program has been totally oversubscribed. The program featured prominently in the news and a wide range of professionals, individuals, state and private employees, and students from most of the state and private organizations have enrolled either on their own initiative or through their organisations.  Some of these have included :
Petrotrin, Powergen, The Fraud Squad, T& T Police Service, Republic Bank, First Citizens Bank, Royal BankT&T, TSTT, WASA, T&T Defense Force, CL Financial,  Chanka Seeteram & Co., Herman Persad & Associates, Price Waterhouse, BP T&T, Atlantic LNG, Ministry of Labour, Customs, Inland Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Local Government, Piarco Regional Corporation,Carib Development Co, Innovative Security, International Shipping, Research Associates, Anti-Corruption Unit, Seereeram Bros, National Gas Co., National Petroleum, Vistar Financial Services, Caribbean Microfinance, Caddle & Associates, Siew Chartered Accountants, Bestcrete, Todays Optical, Digicel, Accountants and Auditors in private practice, Numerous private Individuals, ACCA students and graduates among many others.
Participants comments on the program have been nothing short of outstanding. Comments have included: The best program I ever enrolled in, “elated that I was finally able to obtain forensic accounting training and from forensic experts”, “very exciting and interesting”, “this unique course has given my career an unbelievable boost”, “the forensic training is superb”, “my organization has benefited tremendously”, "very professional and experienced lecturers" "great to get my training from actual practising forensic experts“, "excellent, comprehensive, valuable”, “exceeded my expectations” , “elated that I enrolled”, “a course like this was long overdue”, “a great investment to my future”.

This International Forensics & Business Institute's Certified Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection Program is the recognised program for forensic accounting training!


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To Register
1. Complete and submit an Application form. The Online form is below.
2. Make payment of program fees (full or first semester) and registration fees 
   (Fees can be paid at any branch of Republic Bank Limited to: International Forensics & Business Institute, Account # 740800051802).

3. E-mail or fax us a copy of your Deposit receipt.
4. On confirmation of your payment your place in class will be confirmed.

You can register by submitting your Application Online or by phoning or faxing the relevant information to us

  • You can submit your Application Online by filling out the Online Registration Form at the bottom.
  • or you Download the Course Brochure and Application Form by clicking on the Download Course Brochure & Application Form link below
  • or you can phone in the application information directly to us.
Registration Deadline

Registration for 2016/17 Academic Year is open. Classes begin on Saturday 8th October 2016. Program ends in June 2017. Early registration is recommended

Registration is open from now

Enroll Today!


Downloadable Course Brochure & Application Form



International Forensics & Business Institute is an Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago Registered Institution

IFBI is also a member of ASTM International, the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), USA. and the International Society for Business Education (ISBE)

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Become trained in one of the most exciting, lucrative and rapidly growing professional fields worldwide as International Forensics presents for yet another year this highly acclaimed full forensic training program. It is a great advantage and investment to your future! 

Congratulations to all the new Certified Forensic Accounting Specilaists in the Caribbean! IFBI congratultes the graduates of the 2015/16 Class where 100% pass rate was achieved!